Monthly Archives: May 2010

Save your bad credit history for new good credit card

When you got a bad credit in the USA you need to get it back on track with for example and credit card. Here is a website that list bad credit credit cards that you can compare and apply for with no cost. Most of them accept you even if you have a bad credit […]

Come get a loan

I can not get loans I am pretty sure of it maybe if I get a girlfriend and she buys a house or something maybe we can get a secured loan together but I will never get a personal loan. I always free lance and never had a real job so I never get the […]

Cheap mortgage

The problem is that I can not take loans even if I wanted to. When my wife was still here we could buy a car that we insured with the best car insurance but now she took the car with her when she left me. I do not have a income that show and I […]

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