I took the bill IQ test

I took the bills IQ test and I did pretty well I think. I got an average on 67 % and I do not even have a steady income my money come from the internet. I know my credit score should have been much better if I got a normal work and signed up for a few credit cards but I just can’t get started.

I also have a huge tax debt from before when I sold things on eBay so that does not help my credit score I probably need Debt help. But I always make sure my bills are paid and that I have insurance from me and my near family.

If you have not taken the test I think you should, you will learn a lot of things about yourself and how to get a better credit score. After the test is finished they will tell you everything you need to know about Debt consolidation and Debt relief.

There are also special offers to consider when you go trough the result of the test, most of the offers are free and you can take them and look at what they offer.

The test is totally free and does not require you to give out your email and name.


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