Monthly Archives: July 2008

The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk

My granddad died in Alzheimer so I think it is really important to write about the The Alzheimer’s Association Memory Walk. The walk is America’s largest event to raise funds for fight Alzheimer. A typical walk is just about 2 to 3 miles and will happen in the fall and if you want to support […]

New currency to trade with

The forex trading system I been talking about have become even better. They have added five new languages and five different currencies to trade in. eToro also have a new promotion right now where you get 25 % extra when you put more money in the account. I have been making small money on eToro […]

I took the bill IQ test

I took the bills IQ test and I did pretty well I think. I got an average on 67 % and I do not even have a steady income my money come from the internet. I know my credit score should have been much better if I got a normal work and signed up for […]

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