Monthly Archives: September 2008

Live Debt Free

1.Check all debts you have such as from your credit cards, loan statement and others. Then calculate all together, so you know what exactly amount of debts you have. 2.Calculate the percentage of your spent on non-housing debt and then calculate the percentage again but this time including mortgage payments. 3.Discuss with your spouse or […]

Tips for making sales

It is extremely easy to waste you time when you try to sell stuff for a customer. There are in fact many tips you can apply which will not only save you a huge amount of effort but will also speed up your sale rate. Here are a few of my tips. 1.Do not talk […]

Selling can be a pain or a glory

It can be hard to convince people to buy your products but I got some good tips for you guys. 1.You have to be motivated and willing to do the work it takes to make a sale, even though you don’t get a sale after a few hours don’t give up, simply change your prospect […]

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